Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

I/we understand and authorise that:

The information received from me/us will be securely held by the relevant financier (“Financier”). I/we may access and correct this information under the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Repayments are indicative only and are not to be considered as an offer by Sigma Finance Services
  • All Applications are subject to normal Lending Criteria and additional fees and charges may be applicable depending on the Applicants Profile and Finance Company.

The information may be used by the Financier to:

  • Consider my/our application for facilities, products or services or any future applications for facilities, products or services;
  • Administer, manage and monitor any facilities, products or services provided to me/us;
  • Conduct market research, data processing and statistical analysis; and
  • Unless I/we disagree, provide me/us with information about other facilities, products or services including selected third party products or services.

The Financier may disclose information about me/us to its related companies (as defined by the Companies Act 1993), agents or contractors for the above purposes.

The Financier may disclose information about me/us to credit reference agencies for the purpose of obtaining a credit report on me/us. Those credit reference agencies may retain that information and provide it to their customers who use their credit reporting services.

If I/we default in any obligations to the Financier then information about me/us may be disclosed to credit reference or debt recovery agencies and retained by them. Those agencies may provide that information to their customers who use their credit reporting services.

The Financier may obtain information and make such enquiries about me/us as that Financier considers warranted from any source including from its related companies (as defined by the Companies Act 1993) and credit reference agencies for the above purposes.

Example Loan: If you borrow $12,000 over a term of 36 months at an interest rate of 14.95% p.a. you will end up repaying $15,880.68 inclusive of all fees and interest.

We do not offer Short Term loans and all terms are a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 84 months. Our current interest rates range from 7.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to a maximum APR of 24.95%. The rate offered will depend upon your credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile.

Privacy Policy

I/we authorise Sigma Finance Services Ltd* to collect, retain and use the personal information about me/us, for the purposes of:

  • Assessing my/our credit worthiness;
  • Attending to the financing, whether directly or indirectly, of my/our contract(s) and enforcing Sigma Finance Services Ltd rights there under;
  • Marketing and/or informing me/us about the goods and services provided by Sigma Finance Services Ltd
  • Verify your identity, prevent crime and assist in the recovery of debt. We may exchange information from time to time with fraud prevention agencies, debt recovery agencies and other relevant organisations including other lenders.

I/we authorise Sigma Finance Services Ltd to collect from credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer(s), accountant(s), relatives, or other person(s) such personal, financial and commercial information about me/us for the said purposes.


I/we authorise Sigma Finance Services Ltd to provide this information:

  • To any person for the foregoing purposes;
  • To any employees and agents of Sigma Finance Services Ltd and/or any other person, in any ordinary course of business, for any of the foregoing purposes;
  • To credit agencies for the purpose of maintaining proper or effective records.

I/we acknowledge that if i/we do not provide all or any part of the information requested on this application form, my/our application for finance may be declined.

I/we further acknowledge that pursant to the Privacy Act 1993, I/we have a right of access to information collected by Sigma Finance Services Ltd about me/us and to request that this information be corrected.

The information will be held at the office of Sigma Finance Services Ltd, 535 Devon Street East, Fitzroy, New Plymouth 4312 or the registered offices of any party nominated by Sigma Finance Services Ltd.